Settling In

7 July, 2015

Our apprentice Tom has been here for nearly a month now, he has written a post so we can see how he is getting on.

For the last few weeks I have been working almost continuously on the E-Learning project with Captivate, only stopping for short periods of filler now and then. I’ve grown totally comfortable in the workplace, and I’d like to think that I’ve developed a friendly relationship with everybody there despite my antisocial tendencies.

On my third week I was largely working on the E-Learning project, but whenever I needed assistance or a question answered, or even a trip to the loo, I was accommodated almost immediately. At the end of the week I finally reached a milestone where most of the slides have been created and put in order after a great deal of monotonous hyperlinking and interactive buttons, and was pleased to be so far in so quickly.

On my fourth week in the office, it was incredibly hot most of the week and so I found myself irritable, dehydrated, sleepy and sweaty. Yet, the friendly attitudes of everybody was enough to lift myself right back up and get to work, even if my attention was wavering some of the time. At the end of the week, today, I found myself at yet another large finishing point of my project, finally starting to put a substantial amount of information into each of the slides, and discovering something about Captivate that I’d been trying to do for over two weeks now.

Overall, I feel like my general life is happier now than I’m not just lazing about at home playing games and reading, as I’ve developed a sense of fulfilment because of the work that I am doing. Plus, the cash and opportunity to learn new skills are nice too.

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