Handling Issues

3 December, 2015

Sometimes things don’t work out with apprenticeships, either you’re not happy with what you’re doing, or not happy where you’re working. Which is fine as you don’t always know what it’s going to be like until you’re doing it. But fear not, if things aren’t working out we will do everything we can to make things better.

Place of Work:

If you have any issues at your place of work it is very important that you let us know. Just because you’re not enjoying where you work doesn’t mean the end of you apprenticeship, we can fins other places for you to work, as well as sorting out any issues you have at your current placement. We are always available to discuss any issues, and provide help and support.


So you’ve signed up to a business admin apprenticeship but feel you’re more IT? Not a problem, because all of our apprenticeship are tailor made to suit the needs of apprentices and employers, we can adjust the framework and tasks, so you’ll be learning more of what you want to learn.

Case Study:

One of our apprentices found themselves in a position where they were no longer enjoying their place of work. They contacted us to let us know that they wanted to leave the apprenticeship, however, we did some digging and found out the reasons why. As it turned out they weren't enjoying the work, just not the place of work, so we found them another place of work and now they are happy and getting on with their apprenticeship. Here’s what they had to say:

Being an apprentice was a new experience for me, I had been to college but left as I was not enjoying the course or the way of learning, and I felt that an apprenticeship would suit me better. I was excited to be doing an apprenticeship at my first work place, I learnt how to handle customer needs, and also how to sell them products. I did however, feel that I needed a bit more training. I think this place of work would have been perfect for someone else, I just don’t think it suited my needs. When I decided that this wasn’t for me anymore I contacted my assessor at Integrity FT and they helped me right away. They arranged to have a private chat with me so they could identify what issues I was having, and see how they could be resolved. They gave me various options of what I could do, they took care of everything for me, and made moving to a new place of work as seamless as possible. Integrity FT didn’t leave me jobless and gave me a great opportunity where I feel more comfortable, and am a good fit.

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  • ““Incredibly organized and easy to communicate with, would highly recommend to other companies looking for an apprentice.” ”

    Lisa John Director
  • ““Integrity FT made our search for an apprenticeship easy, and they found us someone who has now become a valuable member of our team.” ”

    Sam Newton HR
  • “"Integrity FT are not only a great team to work with, but our relationship with them is strategically important as we continue to develop the next generation of talent at Formed Creative". ”

    Oliver Rebbeck Director