My Apprenticeship With IntegrityFT

25 May, 2016

Apprenticeship with Integrity Future Talent

Prior to my Apprenticeship

Before starting my Apprenticeship with Integrity Future Talent I wasn’t quite sure in terms of career prospects as to what I wanted to do. After doing my first year at college studying Economics, Business and IT, I knew that college or university wasn’t the route I wanted to go down. I preferred a much more hands on role where I could get real experience dealing with clients and building connections within my field of work.

Joining the Team

Initially, I was quite nervous to start my apprenticeship because it would be my first full time job where I would be meeting a whole team of new people which can often be daunting. However, on my first day I was met by Kris Calvert, one of the assessors for Integrity. Both Kris and the team at Integrity made my transition from college to starting my apprenticeship very easy and I have never looked back since.

Help and Advice

The choice of leaving college was one of the most difficult decisions in my eyes. Family and friends influenced my decision as I was pushed to both take the apprenticeship and complete my A Levels. Regardless of this, I knew deep down that the apprenticeship option was more suited for me.

I didn’t feel pressured at all by Kris to take the apprenticeship, unlike I did with some other training providers. Instead, he told me to take my time and made it clear that he was aware that it was an important decision for me with regards to my future. Further to giving me time to think he guided me through the different apprenticeships that were available for me, for example, software development, web development or IT support. I have always had a passion for coding and creating websites so Kris decided to find me a role that incorporated both of these. He offered me a position as an E-Learning/ Web Developer which is, in brief, creating courses and tutorials for other apprentices. I was more than keen to do this after he showed me some examples of work and packages which another apprentice had produced.


The type of training Integrity offered was new to me so I was unsure about the effectiveness and how it would work. The majority of coursework and training with Integrity is done online through Quals Direct, a portfolio of work where you can download files, submit them and see feedback etc. I find this method much easier than having to be assessed or taught face to face. Integrity is favourable over many training providers as most work at is submitted online, which both saves time and means that apprentices don’t have to be regularly taken out of work for college or training days.


While working at Integrity I have reached many milestones and done things I never thought I’d be able to do! One of my most recent tasks was building a computer from scratch using a software online. It provided in depth training on all aspects of a computer, ranging from installing a printer to installing a new CPU. To say I had no prior knowledge about components within a computer, I think it is incredible that software used at Integrity can teach you to the standard where you can build a computer from scratch.

Since working at Integrity I have gained a lot more confidence dealing with customers and speaking in front of an audience. Initially my confidence level was quite low when talking to people but they helped me gain confidence and I was given the opportunity to take part in meetings and events. An example of this was an event at Doncaster Business Showcase, where hundreds of businesses met up with other businesses and discussed what each had to offer. Although this may not appear to be a significant achievement, it was vital for me as I would have never been confident speaking in front of an audience before starting with Integrity.

Long Term Goals 

Alongside my apprenticeship I have started my own web developing business to help enrich my current skills. Without the support and training from Integrity, I would have never been able to do this. I really enjoy developing websites which is why Kris asked me to develop their education centre website, which ties in with the E-Learning packages that I design. When I finish creating these packages I then add them to the website for other apprentices to take part in.

I finish my Level 3 apprenticeship in December, but I am planning on continuing onto a Level 4 Diploma apprenticeship. Now I have had experience dealing with different aspects within IT, I know that after my apprenticeship I hope to find a full time job developing complex websites for large organisations.

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  • ““Incredibly organized and easy to communicate with, would highly recommend to other companies looking for an apprentice.” ”

    Lisa John Director
  • ““Integrity FT made our search for an apprenticeship easy, and they found us someone who has now become a valuable member of our team.” ”

    Sam Newton HR
  • “"Integrity FT are not only a great team to work with, but our relationship with them is strategically important as we continue to develop the next generation of talent at Formed Creative". ”

    Oliver Rebbeck Director