What to expect from an apprenticeship

15 August, 2016

Moving in to a work setting will be very different to what many school leavers are used to but that shouldn’t put you off, everyone gets a little apprehensive before starting in a new role but after your start date you’ll realise you had nothing to worry about.

So, what can you expect from an apprenticeship?

You will work in a new environment

Starting an apprenticeship means working in a new environment. You could work in an office, factory, shop, airport etc. This new environment will be very different at first especially for school leavers but it gives you an experience of working in that particular industry. It is important to listen to those around you, be observant and be mindful of your new setting.

You will constantly learn new skills

Apprenticeships are full of learning, especially at the start! The new skills that you learn will be transferable to other roles or companies so you can expand your career options. With all of this new knowledge, you will naturally grow in confidence and be able to tackle new tasks and challenges. You should enter your apprenticeship with enthusiasm and show your employers that you can soak up these new skills and be an asset to them.

You will receive support from an assessor

We know that starting an apprenticeship can be very nerve-wracking but you will have an assessor to support you the whole time. It’s reassuring to know you have someone there to give you advice if needed and they will make sure you’re on track and happy with the work you’re doing.

You will be working in a team

Even if the team you work with is small, you will still develop new team-working skills. Unlike school, there may be people you have to work with that you don’t particularly get on with, but you will be expected to work with all kinds of people regardless of their age, race, background, abilities etc. in a professional manor.

You will be assessed

During your apprenticeship, you will have to prove to your assessor that you have learnt the skills required to complete your apprenticeship so you can gain your qualifications at the end. You will be assessed during your apprenticeship so that you can prove you are making progress and have a certain level of understanding.

You will receive a wage

If you are under 19, or over 19 and in the first year of your apprenticeship, you will earn at least £3.30 an hour. However, some employers do pay more than the national minimum wage for apprentices.

You will get paid holidays and bank holidays off

You will be entitled to at least 18 to 20 days off a year as paid holiday and you will have bank holidays off too!

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