How to make the most of your apprenticeship

18 November, 2016

Have you been offered your dream apprenticeship? We bet you can’t wait to get started and learn more about your chosen industry but first, take a look at our tips on making the most out of your apprenticeship. We want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible!

1. Be positive

A positive, enthusiastic attitude will show your employer that you’re enjoying your apprenticeship and willing to learn more so they will be eager to teach you new skills and help you progress in your apprenticeship. A negative attitude is unlikely to get you a permanent position at the end of your apprenticeship and will also make it very difficult for you to form relationships with your colleagues.

2. Listen to your colleagues

As an apprentice, you will probably work with people that have much more experience than you so if they offer to help you by giving you advice or feedback, it’s important that you listen to them. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and be successful within the company. Your employer will be impressed if you show that you can receive constructive criticism and use it to improve your work. They are looking for someone who can adapt and fit into the company so make sure you always appreciate the help your colleagues offer you. If you turn down their help, you could end up excluding yourself from the rest of your team.

3. Socialise

During your apprenticeship, it’s important that you socialise with your colleagues and build good relationships with them. You don’t need to be best friends with everyone but you should always be polite and friendly. Getting on with your colleagues and being comfortable around them will make the whole experience much better!

4. Ask questions

There may be times where you’re unsure what you have to do and need some help. This is completely normal and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact, we encourage you to ask lots of questions because this shows your enthusiasm and interest in the company and that you want to learn more.

5. Set goals

To really get the most out of your apprenticeship, you should set yourself some goals. For example, think about what you would like to learn and accomplish during your apprenticeship then work towards achieving these goals. If you are given the opportunity to learn new skills or improve your existing skills, accept it. An apprenticeship is your chance to learn as much as possible!

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