How to enjoy your office Christmas party (without regretting everything the next day)

9 December, 2016

A lot of companies are getting ready for their office Christmas party where they can socialise with their colleagues and have some fun. It’s an event that most people look forward to every year. However, some people worry about making a fool of themselves and doing something they will regret the next day.

As an apprentice, your office Christmas party will be a great chance for you to engage with your colleagues socially but it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Let your hair down and have a great time BUT remember your conduct does represent your place of work and any mishaps may have an effect on how your colleagues and employees see you.

Obviously we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself but you should make sure you remain professional so you don’t do anything you will regret!

Here are a few tips we think will help, especially if this is your first office Christmas party.

1. Dress appropriately

First of all, you want to dress appropriately. Find out what the dress code is and what other people are wearing and pick an outfit that will blend in with everyone else. If the party is fancy dress, don’t overdo it. You want to be taken seriously when you return to work after the party.

2. Mingle with your colleagues

Make sure you mingle with all of your colleagues at your Christmas party. You may even get to speak to new people that you don’t see that much at work. To get to know your colleagues a bit better, try to talk about things outside of work. It’s important that you make an effort with everyone, even if there are people at the party that you don’t necessarily get along with.

3. Drink responsibly

Even though it’s a Christmas party, you’re still with your boss and work colleagues so make sure you drink responsibly. If you drink too much, you could end up doing something you will regret. You need to be in control of your actions at all times so you don’t do anything that could harm your future prospects in the company.

4. Don’t badmouth your colleagues

When talking to your colleagues, keep the conversation positive and light hearted. If the topic changes to badmouthing someone at your company, do not join in. Gossiping and complaining about work is unprofessional and will bring the whole mood down.

5. If you want to dance, stick to simple dance moves!

You don’t have to dance at your Christmas party but if you see some of your colleagues are dancing and you want to join them, make sure you stick to simple dance moves, especially if you have had a few drinks. You don’t need to dance on a table to have a good time! 

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